Here’s to the Survivors of Another Black Friday

This year Black Friday produced another yet another successful day in retail. All over the country department stores opened their doors at unusual hours offering deals that shoppers found irresistible.

The United States may love Black Friday more than Thanksgiving. Courtesy of

Some people got a bit caught up in the Black Friday hysteria. Last year we heard stories about shoppers macing others in the face over TVs and other hot items. And when we heard these stories we almost couldn’t believe what we heard. What had the world come to? Others shoppers reported pushing and elbowing those around them to get to expensive clothes at cheap prices. This year the news breaking story was about a man who left his girlfriend’s two-year-old son in the car while he ran into the chaos at K-Mart in hopes of retrieving a 51 inch TV. Security noticed the child in the car and contacted the local authorities in the small Massachusetts town. When they arrived, they busted in the window of the car to rescue the sleeping child. Later police found the man at home with his new TV. He claimed he had lost the child and got a ride home in hopes of finding him. It’s sad that the hype and hysteria of Black Friday cause people to make decisions like this man’s.

“When I heard this story, all I could do was shake my head. I really didn’t know what to say,” said Tony, a junior.

He may have gotten his big screen TV but he also received charges of reckless endangerment to a child. I’m sure he’s looking back now and realizing it wasn’t worth it.

In the end, we can’t blame the retailers for the lack of common sense and courtesy in our society. And they are not going to give up one of, if not the, most profitable days of the year. Staying open on Thanksgiving or starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving at 8 p.m. is going a little far, but people want to save money so they endure all the craziness.

Melissa, a graduate student, said “I only went to Target and waited in line to get a Nook.  It was on sale for 50% off. How could I pass that up?”

And we all know it’s true. If you get what you’re hunting for and you come out with no bumps or bruises, the experience was worth it.