How Will the Future of the Baltimore Ravens Unfold?

At the end of the NFL season, the Baltimore Ravens were crowned as champions.  However, one of the biggest tasks the Ravens faced was signing all of their free agents. They could pick and choose which players they resigned or let go. As Super Bowl champions, the Ravens players want to test the free agent market to see how big of a contract they can get from other teams.

The Ravens were not successful in resigning their top players as safety Ed Reed, safety Bernard Pollard, cornerback Cary Williams, linebacker Paul Kruger and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe all left to sign with other teams. To make matters worse, linebacker Ray Lewis and center Matt Birk both retired. Also, wide receiver Anquan Boldin was traded for a future draft pick to another team, as well. These departures left numerous holes in the team’s roster and will all need to be filled before the regular season starts.

Various players will fill these open roster spots, but are these players truly capable of replacing the former players? Even though these players have signed with other teams, they will all meet again when President Barack Obama honors the 2012 Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens as a team at the White House later this year. It is not clear how all of these players will react to the gathering due how the Baltimore Ravens front office handled each player’s situation. It is unpredictable how they will react, as they do not usually show their emotions to the public.  The following is dialogue is how I interpret the players truly felt about how they left the Baltimore Ravens football team.

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This parody dialogue is courtesy of Mike Figus

This parody dialogue is courtesy of Mike Figus