Is Tebow-Time Over?

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Tweet from ESPN’s Darren Rovell

It was announced earlier this morning that NFL team, the New York Jets, have released the polarizing backup quarterback, Tim Tebow. Now, the keyword in that last sentence is “backup.” Never before in football has there ever been a more talked about backup quarterback than Tim Tebow. You may know him as the overly religious quarterback from Florida, or as one of the worst quarterbacks you have ever seen throw a football, but no matter what the reason is: Tim Tebow always draws a crowd.  After acquiring Tebow last year, the Jets tried to use Tebow in almost every position BUT quarterback.  From lining him up in the wildcat formation, to putting him on punt return coverage, you have to question what the real reason for the Tebow addition was.

On the release of Tebow, Jets coach, Rex Ryan said, “We have a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow…  Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped.”

Maybe the Jets got caught up in the Tebow-mania from his brief stint in Denver when he led them to the playoffs and actually managed to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first division game. After this year’s draft however, the Jets selected Geno Smith as the seventh pick in the second round. While the Jets attempt to solve their quarterback issues this off-season, Tebow will be looking for another job. While he possesses all the talent to be a great NFL player, a job as a quarterback in this league does not seem like one he should pursue. This could be the end of Tebow-Time or this could be the beginning of something new for the Heisman winner quarterback from Florida.