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The Year of the Dragon

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It’s the year of the dragon.  To help us celebrate, Maryville’s Culture Connects (MCC) sponsored an Asian New Year celebration for staff, students and community members. This even was a great way for students to see how some of the Asian cultures celebrate the beginning of the New Year

The students in MCC worked hard to put on this event. They were very fortunate to have students from the St. Louis Modern Chinese School help with the event. Not only students put on the performances from the St. Louis Modern Chinese School, but members of MCC did as well. Dr. Guangwei Fan, professor of mathematics and actuarial science, and his wife demonstrated the Chinese art of calligraphy.

One hit of the evening was a song sung by three members of MCC. Chennan Wang, Mingzhen Yao and Kristen Lang sang “Welcome to Beijing” from the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Audience members started clapping along with the beat. It brought us all back back to the amazing opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

Four member of MCC also performed a Tibetan dance. The audience was full of faculty, students and community members. It was great to see everyone come out and show support for other cultures.

MCC held a raffle for three “Girl in Translation” books, a set of chopsticks, a Chinese vase and a Chinese tea set. To end an evening of performances, all of the members of MCC danced to “We’re All In This Together” from “High School Musical”. After the performances were over, everyone received a free t-shirt and traditional Asian treats.

Thank you MCC for a great evening of entertainment.

Family Weekend 2011

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Maryville always puts on great events for its students. Family Weekend was no exception. It started on Oct. 14 with registration where everyone received their free long sleeve t-shirt. Friday evening there was trivia in the gym. Afterwards, families were encouraged to go to the auditorium to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. It was a great movie. Families received free popcorn, soda, and candy by Campus Activities Board.

Oct. 15 started off with Donuts with the Deans. This gave students and their families the opportunity to mingle with the deans of the different colleges as well as other faculty members. Students were able to control little robots while enjoying delicious robots. Families then had the option in participating in community service at the St. Louis Food Bank or spending the afternoon together. This is when most students convinced their parents to take them shopping, especially for food and other necessities. Families gathered at 5 o’clock for dinner in the new dining hall. Families mingled with one another while listening to a jazz combo. Later in the evening, families were entertained by comedian Buzz Southerland.  Everyone would agree that is was extremely funny. He had the crowd rolling. He even preformed a magic trick. He was always looking for audience interaction. At one point during the performance, he had two siblings on stage dancing alongside him. After the comedian, families went to the Simon Center for Moonlight Madness. Everyone was introduced to the winter sports. The Sprit Squad and Pep Band were showing their school spirit and pumping up the crowd.

Family weekend ended on Oct. 16 with a tailgate before the soccer games. Families then cheered on both the men’s and women’s soccer team as they worked towards their victories.

Family weekend was packed with things to do for everyone. Students were able to show their families around campus.  Many students were very excited to see their families for the first time in over a month and hated to see them leave and the conclusion of the weekend. Family Weekend was great and huge thank you goes out to anyone who made the weekend what it was.

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