• Dr. Olaide Sangoseni and Dr. Konrad Dias received a grant of $10,000 from the Home Health Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. In addition, as principal investigator, Dr. Dias received a $5,000.00 grant from the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section of the American Physical Therapy Association and an internal grant of $2,300 from the College of Health Professions. This funding has been secured in an effort to study the effects of exercise training and a front loading of physical therapy visits in home care for patients with heart failure.  The study incorporates a randomized controlled multi center design and will serve as Dr. Dias’ dissertation project towards completion of his PhD in Physical Therapy at Nova Southeastern University.


M.Unterberg, C.Gulas, A.Fick-RESIZEDCharles J. Gulas, PT, PhD, GCS, was honored on September 29 by St. Louis University’s Physical Therapy Program with the Florence P. Kendall Service Award for 2013. This award recognizes a physical therapist who has performed outstanding service to the health care community.


Torrey Welsch, Athletics Hall of Fame-RESIZED

Torrey Welsch (PT Class of 2003) was inducted into Maryville University’s Athletics Hall of Fame on Thursday, September 26. Additional photos for viewing can be found on Maryville’s Athletics webpage.




pghosh-2013-RESIZED Pradip Ghosh, PT, PhD, DMS recently had a paper entitled, “Direct Inhibition of Retinoblastome Phosphorylation by Nimbolite Causes Cell Cycle Arrest and Suppresses Glioblastome Growth” accepted in Clinical Cancer Research.



  • Dr. Michelle Unterberg, director of the PT Program and graduate of the Class of 1989, completed the APTA Educational Leadership Institute program.
  • Dr. Kathleen (Amos) Korona, Class of 2007, earned an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certificate.
  • Dr. Kati (Terry) Henson, Class of 2009, earned a Neurologic Clinical Specialist certificate.
  • Dr. Kelly O’Brien, Class of 2012, was recently accepted into the Mercer University Residency Program.
  • The Maryville University department of athletics has announced its 2013 inductees to the Saints Athletics Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Torrey Welsch, Class of 2003, for being one of the inductees. Click here for more information.


Dr. Sandy Ross in collaboration with investigators from Rutgers University and Washington University, had a recent publication in IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering titled, “Robotics and Gaming to Improve Ankle Strength, Motor Control, and Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy – A Case Study Series”.  IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2013;21(2):165-173.

Dr. Ryan Duncan, adjunct, former graduate (Class of 2008) and current employee at Washington University, had a recent publication in the Physical Therapy Journal (April 2013; Volume 93, Number 4) titled, “Comparative Utility of the BESTest, Mini-BESTest, and Brief-BESTest for Predicting Falls in Individuals With Parkinson Disease: A Cohort Study”.

CSM 2013 CV & P Research Poster Award

A Retrospective Analysis of the Relationships of BNP Level and 6-Minute Walk Distance in Patients with Acute Congestive Heart Failure: A Pilot Study

The research poster presentation of Dr. Sarah Sullivan, Dr. Lauren Endres, Dr. Caroline Jaycox, Dr. Kelly O’Brien, Dr. Lori Freymuth (DPT Class of 2012) and Konrad Dias, PT,  DPT, CCS at CSM 2013 has won national recognition. They are recipients of the CSM 2013 CV & P Research Poster Award. Congratulations on this recognition!


Konrad Dias PT, DPT, CCS

Konrad Dias PT, DPT, CCS