I have been dean at Maryville University since July 1, 2006. The faculty and staff at Maryville University are committed to preparing the highest quality educators for a democracy through extensive involvement with schools, reflective practice, and courageous leadership. My interests lie in teacher education, professional development schools, learning theories, supervision, and instituting change. Please see below for links to my research, teaching, interests, and pictures.

The Vita page also allows visitors to view all my journal articles and research.

Classes contains web pages prepared for Student Teaching Supervision and classes previously taught: The Teaching of Science, Hands-On Activities in Science, and Supervision and Mentoring in School Settings. The pages also include a somewhat dated favorite science links.

The PDS page includes a description of Professional Development Schools.

The Personal page contains a photo album of my personal history.

email: shausfather@maryville.edu
phone: 314-529-9466