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Maryville University classes

EDUC 400-403 Student Teaching

Student teaching is the culminating experience in your journey to become a teacher. Students are expected to gradually take on classroom responsibilities, assuming full responsibility for classes for at least two to three weeks. Lesson plans for supervisor visits, ongoing journaling and portfolio development, and completion of a student work sampling study are some of the requirements of this semester. By the end of the student teaching period, the student must demonstrate the skills and dispositions appropriate for a beginning teacher. See also Journal Format, Lesson Plans, and Expectations.

EDL 741 Teacher Education Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Research

This course, taught in the Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership program, helps educators undertand teacher learning opportunities at pre-service, induction, and in-service levels.

Classes previously taught at Berry College

EDU 407-607 The Teaching of Science

Overview of science instruction in elementary and middle school emphasizing innovative programs, inquiry methods of teaching, reflection, diversity, and hands-on experiences. Laboratory work in biological and physical science, class presentations, classroom research and field experiences, peer teaching, and lesson design.

EDU 633 Hands-on Activities in Science

Use of hands-on methods to broaden knowledge in selected integrated science areas and constructivist learning theories. Ample opportunities to experience and design hands-on science activities for classroom use. Creation of integrated, investigative projects for implementation in classrooms. Site includes links to student research on misconceptions in science.

EDU 711 Supervision and Mentoring in School Settings

Introduction to the theory, principles, and practices of supervision. Methods, techniques, attitudes, and effective teaching strategies applied to supervisory and mentoring situations, with an emphasis on reflection, helping skills, and peer coaching.

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