Stephanie Joiner

Freshman Seminar 2010

Dealing with Tragedy

I have never really had to deal with a major tragedy in my life. Yeah, I’ve had relatives pass away and I remember September 11th, but none of those relatives were extremely close to me, and I didn’t know anyone that was largely effected by 9/11. I recognize that those tragedies really hurt some people, and they sadden me, but they don’t hit me hard enough to change the way I feel when I wake up, the way I act, or the way I live my life. So I am just going to talk about a more low key, simple tragedy, or you could say conflict, that everyone has to deal with: Heartbreak. Everyone knows how it feels to be heartbroken over some boy/girl they like. It sucks! Whether they broke up with you, cheated on you, or whatever, it is awful to feel like you have only been good to them, and care about them so much, and to wonder why and how they could do something like that to you! They said they cared about you too. Well, if they really cared, then how could they do that?

Every time you get heartbroken you feel like it is the end of the world. “I can’t go on. I will never love anyone again! I’m so done with boys!” The funny thing is that after you finally get over it, or get into yet another relationship, you look back on that moment and think how stupid you looked and feel now that you were so upset over that dumb boy! And yet again, even though you regret spending so much time upset about a boy that really didn’t matter, and say you will never get THAT upset again, you know that as soon as you and your current or next boyfriend break up, you will go through the same cycle, all over again. You can try not to, but you will. And again you will get over it and realize how dumb it was! The cycle will always continue, no matter how many times you “realize” that it was stupid.

During these times when girls (and sometimes boys) are so upset that they just can’t go on, their thinking skills are totally out of wack. They spend hours just crying and moping and thinking about how “bad” their life is. They really don’t even think about how many other people are dealing with things that are so much worse. To them, it is a tragedy. Their life is over. We need to finally realize how small these moments are in comparison to our entire life, and that worrying about those little things is such a waste of time! Move on, get over it, and be happy. You might actually, and unfortunately, have to use those tears to get over a real tragedy. While I wish that every one was exempt from tragedy, I know that they are not. No matter how big or small the tragedy is, everyone has their own ways of dealing with them.

(Mine, however, from now one, will not include wasting my time crying over boys.)

Ok I lied, it probably will.  :)