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Make Excellent Mistakes

How can a mistake be deemed excellent? A mistake, done for the right reason, or resulting in something good, can sometimes be considered excellent. That doesn’t make the mistake okay, or even mean that it should be looked over or forgiven, but wouldn’t you rather make an excellent mistake than a bad one? A mistake made for the right reasons, can be much easier to over come, and sometimes even leave you feeling alright. An example of one of these mistakes could be someone stealing a loaf of bread from a wealthy family, to keep their family from starving. While it is wrong to steal from anyone and anything, the stealing of bread resulted in maintaining the lives of an entire family. The situation doesn’t make stealing okay, but it is better for someone to have stolen to help someone else, rather than just for the personal pleasure of getting away with it, and getting something without having to pay for it. The mistake, while wrong, was excellent, in the fact that it was helpful to someone.


While most of the Halloween festivities I have attended aren’t as strange as that of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, they have definitely changed from how they used to be. I know that I have only been alive for eighteen years, and that it has probably changed even more vastly since before I was born,  I have still been alive long enough to notice some changes.

When I was a child, Halloween was all about Trick-or-Treating, and silly costumes, and Candy!! We dressed up as our favorite animal, or cartoon character! We got  all dressed up and our parents took us around the neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat and get LOTS of candy! First of all, the world has took such a turn that I would be afraid to let my kids go Trick-or-Treating in any neighborhood where I wasn’t familiar. It’s so sad that you really can’t trust anyone anymore. Also, you can’t trust the candy they give out. How do you know where they got it, or if it is safe to eat? But the main change I have noticed in Halloween is the costume. No more do people dress up as silly characters. No way! They have to show as much skin as humanly possible. If your costume isn’t short, tiny, and slutty, its not a good costume! All the costumes have high-heels and fishnet tights, with skimpy skirts and low-cut tops. What happened to Halloween being about having fun and CREATIVE costumes, not barely more than a washcloth?! While a lot of the kids costumes are still decent, once you get above the age of 13 I guess all of your morals and values go straight out the window!

Me and my friend Kayli went to a Halloween party last weekend. We couldn’t afford costumes so we just borrowed some clothes from our boyfriends and dressed as boys. (Stupid, I know, but we didn’t have anything else.) Plus, it was absolutely freezing outside, so I wasn’t complaining about wearing sweatpants and a jacket. So we get to this party, and the first thing I see when they open the door is tall black heels, fishnet tights, and a girl dressed as a “Naughty Cop”. Honestly, it was one of the nastiest things I have ever seen. If that didn’t set the bar high enough for the rest of the people at the party, I don’t know what else could. Every single girl there was dressed exactly the same. Short dresses, skanky tights, and high heels. Not pleasant.

Another thing that has changed about Halloween is the haunted houses. The scariest things about Halloween used to be a few spiderwebs, maybe a devil costume or two, and a scary looking pumpkin. Now haunted houses are filled with amputated body parts, blood-thirsty monsters, and murderers chasing you with chainsaws! You have to be crazy to think that going to a haunted house like that is fun. The last one I went to was my sophomore year, and I ran out crying. Yeah, I’m a big baby, but that thing was ridiculous. There’s a huge line between scaring you a little with things you know aren’t real, and actually impersonating a real murder. Its much more frightening to see things that can actually happen, and do happen to some people every day.

My main question is, what happened to the old Halloween? I miss it.