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Glee, You rock.

Dear GLEE,

I am in love with you. You must promise me two things. 1. That you will continue to amaze me, and 2. That you will go on forever!



If that didn’t tell you everything, I will. Obviously, I have chosen GLEE as my fall TV show for my blog, and as you can tell, I love it! The season premiere definitely didn’t disappoint. While sporting many wonderful and popular songs, it also seemed to follow our class theme for the week, diversity! The show even touched on some of the stereotypes we discussed in class. One in particular was that stereotype that all Asian people are smart. In the episode Tina and her new boyfriend Mike discuss their experience as counselors at a summer camp in which their job is to teach “geeky” tech-oriented Asian children about the arts. Another stereotype that was suggested but not necessarily stated was that any woman that played (or in her case coached) football or did anything women don’t usually do were mean and had no feelings. We see towards the middle of the show that McKinley High’s new football coach, Mrs. Bieste, while on the surface is very hard and tough, does have feelings and is hurt by the same things everyone else is. One more stereotype that has kind of traveled through the show’s entire life is about the type of people in the Glee Club. In the show Finn is looked down on for being in the club because he is a football player, and everyone is in the club are almost shunned. No one likes them and they are outcasts at their school. However, for those that follow the show, they are all so interesting and you don’t understand why no one likes them! But, if you simply connect the idea to what you see around you, you realize how true it really is. I know kids from my high school that remind me of some of the characters on the show, like Kurt, Tina, and Mercedes, that felt like they never really “fit” in. It is very sad how judgemental people really are, and the show illustrates it perfectly. While sometimes exaggerated (I mean no school really has bullies throwing slushies in peoples’ faces) it is based around the same common idea of high school cliques, drama, and battles. It really makes you think about how you may have treated people in the past. And if you haven’t been acting the way you should it helps you to look at yourself, recognize that you need to change the way you act, and go into the rest of your life realizing that everyone is special and important, no matter what clubs they are in, what they wear, or where they are from. We are all people! (Unless you don’t like GLEE and then you can’t be human!)

On a different note, I cannot believe how much the show leaves me wanting more and more! I thought I was going to die when the season was over, and I can’t believe they are making me wait a whole week to see the Britney Spears show! Seriously?! Come on!

Its going to rock. Tuesday hurry up! :)


I have chosen to follow the new season of Glee for my blog! The season premiere is Tuesday, September 21st at 7:00. I can’t wait!