Eight days ago we landed in El Paso welcoming the warm weather and the excitement of the week ahead of us.  Now we sit in the airport back to the cold weather  and school. The week down here was more than can be taught in the classroom. Using what I have learned in the class room and applying it to a real life situation has allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge of sports business management. I have been involved with event operations for 3 years with the Cardinals, but never have gained so much in one week.  Not only did I gain invaluable experience I was able to get my name out their and build contacts which is a crucial part in the business of sport.The added responsiblity  during the week allowed me to grow as a leader,a student and as a professional.The experience as I have mentioned before as is great as any that I have had the fortune to be apart of.  Working an event of this magnitude with so many things going on from day one of checking in the guys, to being their go to guy all week, to waking up at 3:50 am to start making sure they got on the shuttle to the bus allowed me to gain experience in different aspects of event management.

The game day experience was our reward for the week as we got to take the field with our respective teams. Although my team lost it was the first time getting to stand on the sidelines during a football game, and not only was I standing on the sidelines but had the chance to interact with the players during the game, see the adjustments they were working on and the plays being called.  This week is one I will not soon forget thanks to  Maryville University for the opportunity to attend and The Texas vs the Nation staff for making things run smooth and always being there when something was needed.

At night we took a trip to the UTEP basketball game and the marketing department gave us free tickets so we returned the favor and assisted them on  the pregame giveaway. As the fans came in to the sold out game they received flare hair so this allowed us to gain a little more experience in the field of event management from a different stand point. The place was packed and the fans were loud as could be which was a great way to top off the experience in El Paso.