Last night team meetings ended early and it was time to catch up on rest.  Then my phone rings letting me know Steve Maneri the Tight End from Temple would be replacing one of our injured tight ends. I was in contact with his agents to make sure travel arrangement were taken care of. During this time I was able to network with him and see how he started and what it takes to be an agent. He also brought up a summer internship that would be an exciting opportunity that would just be a few weeks to give me a taste what its like to be an agent. Steve landed around 11:30 pm and was brought to the hotel, where I was waiting for him to get him acquainted making sure he has a room key, the play book and going over the schedule.

 In the business of sport it is crucial to understand that there are last minute changes to always take into account. This week has really been a great opportunity to experience scheduling and  the responsibility of keeping all the players on track. For example an afternoon practice was canceled so it was important to inform all the players  of the changes and make them aware of where they need to be and when. Through this the players have gained a great amount of respect for us , always coming to me when they have questions and or comments. The players have started to really open up to me telling me stories, some funny others motivating . Hearing the story about a linemen of mine open up to his lifestyle and how he was raised was an eye opener.  To hear his story is motivation and shows what any person has the ability to over come.  Its unbelievable to  realize this week is not even half over and the players have really got to know me,joke with me and make my job easy. While the hours are long and the sleep is limited however the experience is priceless. Can you find me a better field that Sports Management?