It has been a few days since returning from San Antonio, Texas and I am now settled back into my normal daily routine. After having some time to reflect, there are certainly things I will never forget from that experience. During the week and a half I was there I got to develop relationships with fellow classmates that I did not really did not know too well prior to the trip. As interns, we had the chance to do a lot of fun things together, one of which was making the commercial that was posted on the NFLPA twitter feed and on youtube. It was so fun to put my ideas into action with the commercial and fun to see Brian Wilga “Wilgie” running all over the city of San Antonio. The link for the commercial is The other thing I really enjoyed while I was there was interviewing and writing an article on a player. I had to coordinate with the player liaison and figure out when would be the best time to interview the player and also have questions ready to go. I interviewed cornerback Kevin Rutland from MIZZOU, who was originally from Houston, Texas and was on team Texas. It was an awesome experience to get to sit down and talk to a player that might be in the NFL next year. I learned a lot about the culture of high school football in Texas, playing division one football and what kinds of things players must do to reach the next level. He was a really humble and well-spoken guy and I wish him the best in the future. Also as an intern, I realized that you may not like every single task you are assigned to do or think that it is just busy work, but at the end of the day that job has to get done. There were a couple days when the assignments were not the most exciting, but those were the days I spent observing the staff and trying to learn from what they do. Such things as how did they talk to people on the phone, how did they handle issues that arose with players, sponsors, or other personnel and also how they all effectively communicated with each other and us. In all the NFLPA staff was a complete class act. They welcomed us and made us a part of their family from the moment we walked into the war room. I thank them for allowing us to assist them with the production of this game and I have learned much from observing and working with them that I could have never in the classroom.