Sitting in the airport in San Antonio after a long week of preparation for the game and can’t wait to get back home and sleep.  This week was a completely different experience than last year’s game.  I learned that being the director for an event the size of the NFLPA game is like being a firefighter.  Mark Salmans makes sure that he attends every aspect of the week and if anyone has any issues they look to Mark to handle it.  He never loses his cool and gets everything taken care of.  My career goal is to become a sports agent but if for some reason that doesn’t happen I would be intrigued by an event director position.  Again this week was a tremendous opportunity to network with current professionals in the NFL.  One of the people involved in the game was Justin VanFulpen who is a former NFL agent, I spent quite a bit of time talking with him this week and he said he would help me get into contact with some current agents to try to become a runner for an agency (which is like a paid internship position).  I really enjoyed my experience in San Antonio and hope to possibly make another trip next year.