Where should I begin? I guess I will start by saying I apologize for not getting this blog out sooner than I did. This past week was full of laughter, hard work, and enjoying the decision you made in deciding to study in the field of sports business management. This week started out with me figuring out the Southwest Airlines system because this was the first time I have ever flown alone, a second time ever flying. Once getting into San Antonio it was not soon before I was thrown into many duties and tasks to prepare for the NFL Players Association Game. I enjoyed working on school visits, enjoying that these kids were looking forward and up to these college seniors. It was rewarding know that I was part of making this happen for some of these school. I also enjoyed the experience of witnessing different situations. For example, being able to witness scouts and agents talk to each other about players and talent that was going to be in the upcoming game. Also sitting in with parts of the executive staff as they made deals with vendors, sponsors, and many others that help put together an eventful week.

After this week there were many things that I took from this experience. First of all there is a such thing as a 27 dollar hair cut for men. Also that if you have the personality of always being and fighting to be right then you are the bad guy that some people don’t like. Finally that it’s ok to break out in song if the person you are talking to keeps saying lyrics that is located in that song during your discussion. IF you didn’t catch on or understand any of those inside jokes then realize we had a great time full of laughter and fun. Actually besides all the jokes and the laughter there were some things that I took from this experience. I found out that being an intern and being treated as well as we were treated, then there should be no reason to complain about anything you are given for free. You may not like what is going on but at the end of the day you are an intern, and what have you done to think you deserve everything and the best just being an intern. Being an intern means that you are at the bottom and you have to do whatever it takes to show your hard work and have others remember who you are. Also that at the end of the day that if you have any problems with another person on your team you have to grow up and put your problems to the side because there is still a job that needs to be done. In all reality you are there for a job and even if you don’t like personalities you have to get over it. Remember everyone has a different way of doing things and your way my not always be right or better for each situation. At the end of this trip I hope that myself and everyone else that went through this experience listened, learned, and took some kind of lesson away from this experience.