ActSci Career Fair

Hello Again!

On October 8th, our office was at the ActSci Career Fair. I have been with this office for a little over a year now and I have been to many career fairs! The ActSci Fair is so different (In a good way). If you were there, you would know that the ActSci students dress very well. Everyone wears a full suit to this fair. At one point, I went to take pictures and it was just people in business suits! Looking back through my old posts, I realized my blog last year was titled Business Suits Everywhere. This was exactly how I felt! It was so crazy. They are all so nice. I walked around and talked to some of the students to calm their nerves a little bit. It makes me sad to know that this will be the last ActSci fair that I will work. I have added pictures so that you can see just what I was talking about! Enjoy!



Your Reminiscent Career Peer,


First Week- Involvement Fair

Hello Friends!!

It has been so long since I have been able to talk to you! I am so excited to be back again this year! I will be in the office much more this year so be sure to set up an appointment with me! On Thursday, I was at the involvement fair! Hopefully you stopped by to see us!!  We passed out some Gus’s Pretzels and I got to talk to all kinds of first year students! If you were there and stopped by to see me, be ready for an email in the near future! I can’t wait to get some events and appointments going for this year!

Your Career Peer,

Abbey Bender

First Day!

Hi everyone,

I hope that everyone had an awesome summer. I know my summer went by way too fast. Luckily, I was able to go on two vacations this summer! One was to Virginia Beach and the other was to Fort Meyers Beach in Florida! The weather was beautiful, as well as, the beaches.

This past week I was fortunate enough to be a part of Saints Nation. The week flew by and I had a lot of fun! I hope that all the freshman enjoyed the different activities that went on. One of my favorite activities from the weekend was the Orientation Dance. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do, so I was having a blast!

I hope everyone had a great first day and continues to have a great first week!


Sweet Summertime!

Hello everyone!

Happy 4th of July! (P.S. This is my FAVORITE holiday!)

Hope you all are having a relaxing, fun, and safe summer! Last night at about 9:00, my family and I returned from an amazing vacation in Colorado. We had so much fun and got to do and see so many things. We were in Colorado Springs for a few days, and while we were there we went white water rafting, zip lining, went up to the top of Pike’s Peak, went to a zoo and many other things. I got to feed a giraffe at the zoo! I was so excited. Then we went to Estes Park, and while we were there we went shopping, golfing, and rode ATVs around the mountains. It was a lot of fun! The only bad part is that I got sick on the first day and was sick all week.

Other than out trip to Colorado, I haven’t done too much this summer. I have been babysitting a couple days a week, and I just found out that I got a job at American Eagle. I am super excited about that, and I can’t wait to start working. Wish me luck!

Well, hope you all have a great holiday and the rest of your summer! It is really flying by, so enjoy every second of it!


FINALly Finished

Hello everyone!

Well, it is nearing the end of the semester! Only two more days of classes for me and then I am going to spend my summer relaxing…and being a nanny for a family back home. I have missed those kids so much and am so excited to see them again! Only three more exams stand in my way of freedom!

This semester has been crazy busy, especially since we got back from spring break. I felt like I haven’t had time to breathe! The past two weeks have been rough because I have had so many exams and projects due, but all of the big stuff is out of the way and I am beginning to relax again!

I am very excited for this summer because my family and I are going on a trip to Colorado. I have never been there before and I cannot wait to go. I have been looking up pictures and things to do and it looks beautiful! My brother and I are trying to talk my parents into letting us go skydiving, but we have not been successful so far.

I hope you all have a great summer and I am sure you will be hearing from me!


Future Teachers of America- The Career Fair

Hello again!

In case you didn’t know, over Maryville’s spring break on March 9th, the senior education majors have to stay here. They are invited to a career fair where future employers sit down and interview them. Scary right? Well, it went really well. I am friends with some of the people who attended and they said it went really well for them as well. We had 27 students in attendance and 16 districts came to meet with Maryville students. That’s impressive!! I can’t wait until I get to do this next year!

Your Career Peer,


IMG_0008           IMG_0005


Where did time go??

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that we are down to our last two weeks of school! It is crazy how fast time flies when you are having fun. This week should be fun with all the activities going on. The talent show last night was awesome as well as the scavenger hunt that followed. It is nice that we have all these activities on campus before the stressful week of finals. I’m sure everyone is wondering how they are either going to make their dining dollars last or how they are going to spend those in such a short amount of time! All the craziness at the end of the year is new to me, but I am excited to say I have almost finished my FIRST YEAR!!

On another note, everyone should definitely go to the Hoodie Allen concert tonight. I mean it’s free so why not?

Have a great week before finals!


We’ve Got Plans, yes we do, We’ve Got Plans, HOW ‘BOUT YOU???

Hey Friends!

So a few weeks ago, we had the grad fair on campus! How exciting??!! For those of you who don’t know, the Grad Fair is for students who are graduating in May. Crazy right?! Well our office had a table at the grad fair. While people were going around and getting all their graduation needs, they would stop by our table and fill out a little piece of paper that told us what their plans were after graduation. At the end of every school year, our office goes through and has to fill out this spread sheet on all the graduates that says what they are doing. It’s very time consuming so knowing that some of them are already done, is wonderful! Until next time!

Your Career Peer,


I Miss the Beach

Hey everyone!

I am back from Daytona Beach and am very tired. That was a long drive, but it was so worth it because I had an amazing time with my friends. We went to the beach everyday (which is good because the beach is my favorite place to be), we went shopping, ate some amazing food, and took a lot of pictures. I am happy to be home, but I’m not ready for all the school work and stress to begin again. I hope everyone had an amazing spring break though!

Over spring break I got a couple of pieces of good news! Number 1: I made the 2015 Saints Nation Team! I am very excited to be a part of this team and gain some leadership experience. Number 2: I did well on my Gross Anatomy exam and still have a good grade in the class!! I was jumping around in the shop in Florida when I found out and the guy working there asked me if I had just won the lottery. It sure did feel like it! It was a great ending to a great week!

Well time to get back into the swing of things! Only about a month and a half of school left! I can do this!

Time to rest up for classes next week!


Cali Here I Come!

Hey everyone!

Thank goodness this week is over. I don’t know about everyone else, but midterms stressed me out! I had three tests and a paper due this week. However, the only motivation I had was the beach. This week on top of tests, I had a Saint’s Nation interview. Even though, the interview was so much fun. Who knew an interview could be so fun!

It is crazy to think when we come back we only have 7 weeks. This year has flown by! I hope everyone has a fun and safe spring break, I know I will!