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Where did time go??

on April 21, 2015 by Allie Dietrich

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that we are down to our last two weeks of school! It is crazy how fast time flies when you are having fun. This week should be fun with all the activities going on. The talent show last night was awesome as well as the scavenger hunt that followed. It is nice that we have all these activities on campus before the stressful week of finals. I’m sure everyone is wondering how they are either going to make their dining dollars last or how they are going to spend those in such a short amount of time! All the craziness at the end of the year is new to me, but I am excited to say I have almost finished my FIRST YEAR!!

On another note, everyone should definitely go to the Hoodie Allen concert tonight. I mean it’s free so why not?

Have a great week before finals!


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