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ActSci Career Fair

on October 15, 2015 by Abbey Bender

Hello Again!

On October 8th, our office was at the ActSci Career Fair. I have been with this office for a little over a year now and I have been to many career fairs! The ActSci Fair is so different (In a good way). If you were there, you would know that the ActSci students dress very well. Everyone wears a full suit to this fair. At one point, I went to take pictures and it was just people in business suits! Looking back through my old posts, I realized my blog last year was titled Business Suits Everywhere. This was exactly how I felt! It was so crazy. They are all so nice. I walked around and talked to some of the students to calm their nerves a little bit. It makes me sad to know that this will be the last ActSci fair that I will work. I have added pictures so that you can see just what I was talking about! Enjoy!



Your Reminiscent Career Peer,


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