Let’s Go!!

Hey everyone,

Since it has been a while since I have posted I will try to fill you in on how much has gone on. This semester is chaotic for me. I have so many classes and they are all very difficult and time consuming, I often feel like I don’t have time to breathe. I have gotten one midterm out of the way so I’m feeling a tiny bit less stressed, but I still have a few more tests in the next couple of weeks. I cannot wait until next week is over! We will be about half way done with the semester. Time is flying!

Another reason that I cannot wait until the end of next week is because I am going to Daytona Beach, FL with some of my best friends for Spring Break! I am so excited to have a week to relax on the beach and not have to worry about homework and tests and papers! Oh, and no more snow! I am so tired of cold weather. I am ready to wear shorts and T-shirts again.

I am very excited because I am applying to be a member of the Saints Nation Team! We will be helping the incoming freshman class with their START dates, move-in day, orientation weekend, and much more. I am so excited to be gaining more leadership experience. \

I can’t wait to go home this weekend and see my family and my dog! I have missed them so much and am excited to catch up with them. I am going to see one of my friends perform in a musical for her school, am going to my friend’s aunt’s baby shower, and going to a birthday party for the little girl that I babysit for. She is going to be 2 years old and I cannot believe it. I have missed her and her family so much and can’t wait to see them. I am going to have a busy weekend, but I am still going to need to find time to work on homework and study for my exams.

Well wish me luck on my exams next week!


Freezing Tuesday!

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone enjoyed the snow day yesterday as much as I did. It was nice to catch up on homework and of course NETFLIX! However, walking to class this morning at 8 am was freezing. I feel like I need a parka just to stay warm. On the bright side, spring break is in two short weeks! Cannot wait, I will be spending my break in California with my friends from here at Maryville! So excited!

Hope everyone is staying warm!


Pizza With Professors

Hey Friends!

I hope you have been having a fabulous Friday! I just wanted to tell you about the awesome event that I helped with on Wednesday night at 6 in Buder! As most of you may know, I used to be an RA on campus. I put on an event called Pizza with Professors where students and professors were networking and getting to know one another outside of the classroom setting. The RA’s this year have continued this tradition and asked that our office join and talk about how to network and the importance of networking. We had such an amazing turn out! We ate pizza, talked about anything and everything, and got to meet new people. This is something I definitely would love to do again and I advise that you go too!

Your Career Peer,

Abbey Bender

Serve Project!

Hello everyone!

Today I got an opportunity to go to Giant Steps to perform my SERVE project.  I absolutely love it there! Giant Steps is a school for children with autism.  Luckily enough, Maryville is allowed to go there and help out in any way we can.  Not only do we get to do some community service, but we also get to spend some time with the students.  My major is OT, so I get to shadow one of their OT’s as well. It is nice to get to go with some fellow classmates too.  Even though this was just our first day, I am so excited to go back next Friday and help out! I look forward to this experience and I encourage all of you, if you can, to join a serve project!

Have a great weekend!


I Need a Nap

Hello everyone,

I have been back in school for a few weeks now and the second I stepped into my first class I have barely had any time to breathe! I have been super busy with homework, quizzes, papers and projects. I just finished two major assignments, so hopefully it will calm down pretty soon, but looking at my calendar for all my classes, it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen. I am so tired all the time from early classes and working on homework late that my favorite phrase has become “I need a nap.” All of my roommates and friends hear that on a daily bases. Oh well, only about three and a half more years until graduation!

The other night, my roommates and I decided to have a dance party in the middle of our dining room. We are always doing crazy stuff like that or laughing together/at each other until 1:00 in the morning. We all have so much fun together but we still get all of our homework done and on time. It also helps that two of my roommates are in the same program so we all try to help each other out.

Gross Anatomy is still keeping me very busy, but it is a good thing that it is interesting and I like learning about it.

Hope you all have a good rest of the week and weekend!


Catching Up!!!

Hey Friends,

I know many of you are probably wondering why I have not been blogging as much. I  have PLENTY to blog about, but during the last week of last semester, I became incredibly overwhelmed with things to do. I will do a quick catch up blog with you!

The first thing on my agenda was the International Fair. On Wednesday the 12th of November, there was an International Fair in the DUC. There were so many cool things going on. I really hope that you were there or plan to go the next time we have something like this. When I got there, they had a woman dancing to Latin music that was being played by the man next to her on his guitar. Her dancing was impeccable. After that, they had drummers come on stage but I could not stay to watch them. They do have a website though!!! Here it is!!! Check it out!!!

The Second thing I have to talk about is the fact that I was at CRAM JAM!!! Did you see me and talk to me?!?!? I hope you did! Everything went very well that night and I cannot wait until I get to do it again this semester! I talked to students about our wonderful services and handed out some candy. Our office even donated a $50 gift-card to Macy’s!!

Lastly, I wanted to tell you about what I did over break and what I will be doing at the beginning of this semester. I updated my resume!!! It was a process because my resume is so dang long but I did it. And I would be more than willing to help you do the same. During the next few weeks or so, I will be helping resident assistant candidates prepare for the process. As some of you may know, I was an RA for two years and helped to give the actual interviews. I will be helping to do resume reviews and mock interviews as well as give interview tips! Check out my availability in the Office of Health and Wellness and I would be more than willing to help you!!

That’s enough for now, see you in a little bit!!!

Abbey Bender

Career Peer

Exams Are Over

Hello everyone!

Wow, thank goodness exams are done! This whole week I have been studying for my exams. The only day I didn’t have an exam was Tuesday. I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone. I am looking forward to second semester. This past week I was able to tour Walker Hall and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Students will love having classes in the new Walker Hall building!

Today is the first day of winter break – I hope you all enjoy the month off and have a safe trip home!

Happy Holidays!!

Val Zahra

3 Down, 7 To Go

Hey everyone!

The semester is over!! Words cannot express how happy I am that I am officially on break now! I am so excited to go home and relax with my family and puppy. I need some puppy cuddles. I received some of my grades back and I got A’s on both of my gross anatomy exams! It was such a relief whenever I saw those…I wanted to jump up and down and start screaming in class. Of course I didn’t do that though. I am also thrilled that my last finals were on Wednesday so I have been out of school mode for two days already. I’m not complaining of course.

This past week I got to go into the new health professions building and take a tour of the Occupational Therapy wing. I was amazed and excited and every other positive emotion that you an think of. There is so much more room in this building than at Chapel Hill.  We have all new equipment, and everything is so nice. Being there made me so excited for the next three and a half years. I was in there thinking “I already can’t wait to come back in the spring just so I can be in the new building.”

One thing I wish was different about this past semester was the amount of on campus activities I participated in. It is difficult to be a commuter and go to on campus events because I don’t really hear about them until that day, and we spend all day at school then have to go home and get stuff done. By that time none of us really feel like going all the way back to campus. The activities we did go to were a lot of fun though.

Well, time to get back to relaxing. I hope everyone has a fun, safe, and relaxing break. See you in 2015!


Almost Done!

Hey everyone!

It’s officially finals season and I am waist deep in homework and studying. Thankfully I have one of my bigger finals out of the way. All I have left are three in class finals and one take home final. I am lucky enough to be completely done on Wednesday! Good thing too, because I don’t think that I can physically handle anymore stress.

I haven’t had too much going on outside of classes. I mostly hang out with my friends at my apartment. I did however have a great Thanksgiving break. I didn’t do too much except eat a LOT on Thanksgiving. I also got to babysit some of the greatest kids ever. I miss them all the time when I am up here. Thankfully I will get to watch them over Christmas break! I also did homework over break (it seems like it NEVER ends!)

Last Wednesday, my Occupational Therapy class and I went to a nursing home to make crafts with the residents there. It was a lot of fun and very rewarding to see home much it meant to them for us to come out there. I miss them already.

Well time to work on MORE homework. I just have to keep reminding myself that I only have three more days –  then I am DONE!

Good luck on finals everyone!


Quick Questions!!!

Hey All! In case you didn’t know, Karlla, Suzanne, and myself all sit in the dining hall (taking turns) for our Quick Questions session. This happens on Wednesdays from 11-1. I will always be there from 12 to 1 though. You can come up and talk to us about anything!! We have a bowl of candy there too so you are always welcome to our candy and to just come up and see what we are up to!

Your Career Peer,