Student Organizations

Student Organizations

The Center for Sustainability encourages students to think “legacy.” Examples of these legacies include the 30 hydration stations which help reduce plastic bottle usage and Green Mondays which encourage healthier eating with a pledge to eat meatless on Mondays while reducing our carbon footprint.

There are three student organizations under the leadership of the Center for Sustainability working towards building their own legacies on campus. These organizations are open to all students who are committed to student engagement and initiatives that promote and support sustainability on campus and in the community.

Projects supported by all the groups include the Shoeman Water Project, which helps fund drilling new wells for water in underdeveloped nations, and Recyclemania, a competition motivating universities to reduce waste, recycle more and benchmark their results.

live-green-maryville-logoGreen Maryville Student Organization (GMSA)

The Green Maryville Student Organization (GMSA) is the oldest of  the three student groups. Each year GMSA makes Earth Day a week-long celebration at Maryville with a different event each day. The goal is to make each event bigger than the last, leading up to our most popular event, Green Eats, featuring local Green Dining Alliance (GDA) certified restaurants, held every year on Friday. Events are subject to change, but they usually include a Green Craft Night, a film or documentary showing and Green Strum, a musical performance with instruments build with recycled materials.

Follow them via the links below to know what’s going on with Green Maryville.

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United States Green Building Council Student Group

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) student group was the second such group to be created in Missouri. In 2014, the group was awarded the Emerging Leader award at the annual Missouri Gateway Chapter Growing Green Awards for their work with Parkway Schools. Members also participate in the annual Green Fashion Show, designing creations with a focus on reduce, reuse and recycled materials. the group  has designed a Monarch Butterfly Way station which will be located behind the Design and Visual Art Building. Construction is scheduled for April 2017.

The Maryville Honeysuckle Project Group

The Maryville Honeysuckle Project Group actively addresses the invasive species which has overtaken the native habitat on campus. “The project creates a management plan that restores native ecosystems, reduces bio-waste through product development, and promotes community education and involvement.” The group participates in Maryville Reaches Out, Goat Week, and the Bauhaus Botany Art Exhibit.

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