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An Internship with Hussmann

on October 28, 2015 by Rebecca Dohrman

by Kimberley Hill


This summer, I did an internship at Hussmann Corporation – a business that manufactures and sells refrigerated display cases to grocery stores and supermarkets. Sounds exciting, right? Actually, this internship turned out to be a great experience – full of projects, meetings, and new people.

I was involved in many different projects at Hussmann – from website updates to literature production to photo editing. Many of my projects dealt with Krack – and not the kind you are thinking of! Krack is a company owned by Hussmann that sells refrigeration equipment. Much of their literature and website content was out of date, and so many of my projects involved updating Krack. I will only name three of these projects.

  • At the beginning of the summer, the Krack website looked pretty blank – particularly the News and Events tab. I researched some of the events with which Krack is involved, and then wrote descriptions of each event to be uploaded to the website. The Krack News and Events tab does not look so empty now.
  • I helped to update the product catalogs and technical bulletins for Krack as well. I met with engineers and Krack salespeople (Imagine saying that you sell Krack for a living!) to determine what needed to be updated. I also met with our graphics design company to organize the information into neat, current layouts.
  • Finally, I worked with Photoshop – which was my favorite project. I found and edited over 40 photos of Krack products to be used in a photo gallery on Krack’s website. I enjoyed the creative and artistic aspects of this project in particular.

I had never heard of Hussmann before being offered this internship. Earlier this year, I was talking to a member at my waitressing job at Lake Forest Country Club. I mentioned that I was looking for an internship for the summer; little did I know that I was talking to the CEO and President of Hussmann Corporation.

My advice for all those looking for internships is: Network! Network! Network! Ask the people you know if they know of any places that hire interns – or of any people who could hire interns. You never know when you could be talking to your future boss.

Rebecca Dohrman

Dr. Rebecca Dohrman is an Associate Professor of Communication at Maryville University.

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