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2015 Events:

We are pleased to invite you to our 7th Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference at Maryville University, October 9-10, 2015. Within our overarching focus of Integrating the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning into Academic Culture, this year’s specific theme will be:

Creating a More Inclusive Learning Community: Awareness, Action, Inquiry

The twin goals of diversity and inclusion are central components of most college and university strategic plans today.These commitments recognize a striking new reality in demographics and an uncompromising belief that our nation’s future depends largely on higher education’s capacity to effectively serve a more diversified student body. In support of this critical agenda, our conference goal is for all participants to leave with:

  • Increased awareness of the exclusionary practices and prejudices that have had a negative learning impact on students of different backgrounds and abilities
  • A repertoire of new actions and strategies for building a more inclusive learning community for all students
  • A commitment to try new approaches and examine their impact through SoTL inquiry.

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Ever wonder how you could use your Canvas Discussion Board to have a more engaging conversation with your students when they’re not in class?

Are you teaching online and need to use the Discussion Board to make sure students demonstrate their understanding of the material as well as their ability to apply the material in various contexts?

 If you answered YES to either of these questions, this webinar is for you!!

Topics Covered

Online discussion is a great way for students to connect and learn.

But you can’t just set up a board and leave it there. Students need responses to their work to keep growing and learning.  You need effective strategies to keep students on task and promote truly educational online interaction. Online Discussion: Practices to Boost Learning & Engagement will show you how to coach students toward meaningful discussion.

Learning goals

By the end of the seminar, you’ll have the insights and tools you need to:

  • Employ alternative strategies to promote interaction and develop students’ online discussion skills
  • Compare and apply different discussion board formats to increase student interest and engagement
  • Identify and manage techniques to empower students as facilitators of online discussion

Your presenter, Lolita Paff, Ph.D., whose research focuses on class participation, online interaction, and engagement, uses coaching as a metaphor to help faculty discover new ways to engage with students in online discussion. In the sporting world, coaches motivate, guide, correct, call time-outs, revise plans, debrief, and empower.

This focused 40-minute presentation will demonstrate using common coaching techniques to advance learning through online discussion. You’ll explore feedback strategies that work, delving into:

  • What content and context have to do with feedback
  • How taking a break can improve performance
  • Who to involve in evaluating discussion board activity
  • When letting go can improve online discussion

Given the increase in online teaching and the use of the learning management system to facilitate student learning, you need to make sure online discussion is genuinely promoting student engagement and helping your students reach your course’s learning goals.