Welcome Adjuncts!

The Center for Teaching and Learning wants to extend the invitation for you to work with us to improve your courses, receive an observation without evaluation, or add technology into your teaching. As early as Spring 2015, the Teaching and Learning Colleagues will be launching an Adjunct Teaching Group. This will be a place for adjuncts to meet with one another, other professionals in their fields, and can work with full-time faculty.

The CTL has added adjunct members to its advisory council and would like to feature adjunct faculty members during panel discussions and other programming throughout the year. Please let us know if you would like to be more involved. In order to make positive change, we need your input!

We recognize that adjuncts do not earn additional funds to for involvement at any University. With this said, we know that many of you still wish to be involved to improve your own teaching, your relationships with your colleagues, and to make suggestions on the direction of your departments. Adjunct, part-time, or full-time, we are all here because we want to teach. So, please, become a part of our community.

-Jesse and Laura, the CTL team