Adjunct Support from TLC

By Michelle Carter

I have been Adjunct Faculty at Maryville University just a short time, three years. However, in that time I have learned plenty, not only through actual teaching but also through the wealth of support and knowledge of those who have been doing this much longer. I have experienced nothing but support from the full time faculty here at Maryville and especially from the Teaching Learning Colleague Services.

I initially thought that TLC meant someone coming in to observe a class and then giving helpful feedback. Honestly, that scared me—and knowing how I learn, I wasn’t sure it would be helpful. So, I approached Mike Kiener and asked if I could observe him teaching one of his classes. What a great experience and extremely helpful! Mike spent time with me beforehand, asking me what my experiences have been, what my concerns were, and what would be helpful for me. I felt like he really listened to what I had to say, and through that conversation and then observation of his class, Mike was able to guide me and support me. Mike also spent time with me after the observation to discuss what I saw and what I thought would be helpful in my own classroom. Seeing him teach helped me realize that my teaching is headed in the right direction. I loved that he took time out of his schedule to speak with me both before and after the observation. I truly felt like I received practical feedback from Mike, not only about teaching, but he also shared stories from his own teaching. He told me that TLC members even continue to observe each other. So, it isn’t just the new teachers, but all teachers can use that kind of support and guidance.

I would not hesitate to use Teaching Learning Colleague services again and hope to do so very soon. I found the experience invaluable. For more information on TLC please see our webpage or contact Michael Kiener at 314-529-9443 or