Grant Awardees

The following faculty members, who were awarded grants in 2014, are now pursuing their projects, and we look forward this year to learning about the results of their projects listed below:

  • Robyn Otty & Lauren Milton: Assessing Occupational Therapy Students’ Learning through a Centralized Service Learning Model developed through a Collaboration of Two Graduate Courses.
  • Mascheal Schappe: Studying the Impact of Actively Engaging the School of Education in the Use of IPAD Technology as a Tool To Enhance Sound Teaching Strategies in the Classroom, Increase Student Engagement, and Deepen Learning.
  • Kyra Krakos: Examining the Impact of a Collaborative Research Team of Art and Science Students as They Work Together on the Research and Development of a New Product as part of the Maryville Honeysuckle Project and its ongoing Effort to Manage Invasive Species with Innovative Approaches.
  • Jesse Kavadlo: Using Online Discussions to Create Ambient Awareness in the Face-to-Face Classroom.
  • Bebe Nickolai: Building a Stronger Connection Between English Adjunct and Full Time Faculty by Bringing Them Together During Summer Break to Discuss Teaching Methods, Learning Outcomes, Syllabi, Handouts and to Learn Canvas by Doing