Innovation Incentive Grants Application

  • Applications must address each of the following

  • Include your overall description of the project. Clarity of description will count for 10%
  • Include what you hope to accomplish as a result of this work. Your specificity and attainability of the project goals will count as 5% of the final score
  • Include a rationale for pursuing this project, the literature reviewed that supports this as innovative work, and rationale for the amount of funds requested. The strength of the rationale and strength of the justification for funds requested will contribute 20% of the total.
  • Be practical and specific in your plan and timeline. This is weighted as 5% of the total.
  • Include your plan for assessing the impact of your project on your teaching and your students’ learning. (What kind of data/evidence will you collect? Your assessment plan should be logical and valid. This is weighted as 20% of the total.
  • The potential of the project to enhance your own teaching practices and the learning of his/her students counts as 20% of the total.
  • Potential of your project to impact and enhance teaching practices and student learning beyond your own classroom counts as 20% of the final score.