2014 SoTL Conference Proceedings

Keynote Addresses

Terry Doyle – Putting the Research on Learning into Practice

Gintaris Duda – Enhancing our Understanding of Learner-Centered Teaching Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Friday 3:30 P.M.-4:30 P.M. 

Break-Out Sessions

Margaret Cohen, Qiang Dotzel, Michael Howard, Ambrose (Trey) Kidd & Jayanthi Sriram of University of Missouri St. Louis Change Has Its Challenges: Using Adaptive Learning Tools to Focus STEM Students on Learning (Download) ABAC 2245
Emily Shupe & Lorri Kanauss of Western Illinois University Wheel World Practice: Collaboration between the Dietetics Program at WIU and Titan International in Quincy, IL Reid 2314
Sara Anne Hook, Joseph Defazio, Felisa Tennant, & Josette Jones of IUPUI Enhancing Creativity in Teaching and Learning in Online, Face-to-Face and Hybrid Courses (Download) Reid 2309
Randall Osborne of Texas State University Paul Kriese of Indiana University East The Power of Inferences and Assumptions: Getting Students to Explore and Reveal Biases (Download 1Download 2) Reid 2300
Kristen Bruzzini, Dylan Callier, Taylor Chambliss, Alex Kastl &  Katie Kidd of Maryville University An Exploration of Learner-Centered Teaching and the Impact on Physical Therapy Students Teaching a High School Anatomy Summer Program ABAC 3245
Gintaris Duda  Teaching, Learning, and SoTL Research in the Sciences: A conversation with Gintaris Duda ABAC 3249


Friday 4:45 P.M.-6:30 P.M.


Nazire Koc of University of Missouri St. Louis What Factors Contribute to Students’ Success as the Mathematics Curriculum Goes Online? PCC
William Lonneman of Mount St. Joseph University Dealing with Realities: Teaching Interventions to Raise Cultural Awareness Around Racism and Poverty (Download 1Download 2 ) PCC
Denise Pearl, Lauren Milton, & Katherine Kline of Maryville University Online Discussion Boards – Best Practices, Benefits and Limitations PCC


Friday 4:45 P.M.-6:30 P.M.

Poster Session

Lorri Kanauss & Emily Shupe of Western Illinois University SLIDE–Service-Learning in Dietetics Education: Opportunities and Challenges PCC
Gail Keutzer & Ann Fick of Maryville University Improving the Student Experience of Accessing Evidence Based Practice Research: A Library Faculty and Physical Therapy Faculty Collaboration  PCC
Mascheal Schappe of Maryville University Hands On Opportunity with iPads, Exploring Educational Tools and Apps PCC
Ali Whittaker of Creighton University Team-Based Versus Traditional Learning in a Blended Learning Environment: Effect on Self-Regulated Outcomes of Nursing Students PCC

PCC = President’s Conference Center, Gander Hall

Saturday 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M

Break-Out Sessions

Robyn Otty, Lauren Milton, Rebeca Lorton & Rebecca Morris of Maryville University Encouraging Student Tolerance for Ambiguity through Assignments that Encourage Creativity Reid 2308
Karen Moranski, Suzanne Borland, Kay McChesney & Tiffani Saunders of University of Illinois at Springfield Assessing Global Learning in an Engaged Citizenship Core (Download Reid 2309
Melissa Griswold of Maryville University and Vicky Eidson of Quincy University The Use of Online Teaching Tools : A Case Study of Learning Outcome Achievements and Student Perceptions in Face-to-Face and Online Learning Environments Reid 3319
Kathy Petroff of St. Louis Community College Why the Professor-Learner Relationship Matters: Student Perspectives and Persistence Reid 3323
Jenny Shrensker of University of Missouri St. Louis Using Technology to Enhance Learning in an Introductory Course ( Download) Reid 2321
Iris Hinderliter & Kimberly Allen of University of Missouri St. Louis Minding the Gap between Preparation and Practice: Using Assessment to Guide Effective Reflection and Retention Practices of Underrepresented Minority Pre-Health Majors Reid 3327