Shared Faculty Calendar

Below please find detailed instructions on the use of the OrgSync calendar:


Please scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to find our interactive calendar or you can follow the same instructions through the “upcoming events” tab on the main menu of our page.

Select one of the programs listed and you see a pop up window with information about the event. Click “see full details” at the bottom right of the pop up window.

 If you already have an OrgSync account and are signed in, you can click your RSVP status directly on this page.

Once you have selected “see full details” you will have the opportunity to create your own account, or sign in, by selecting the blue link – see below.

After you have signed in and have selected the programs you want to attend, you can click “add to calendar” to have the event sent to your outlook and/or google calendars.

Once you have an account, you’re all set to register for professional development events through our blog site or Facebook page under “upcoming events” (

Keep checking the blog—or Like us Facebook or Follow us on Twitter (both are accessible from the blog) if you want to use social media to keep track of what’s added or coming up.