HOT Sheet Assignment

Expectations & Rubrics

(Worth 120 Points Total:  80 pts. HOT Sheet & 40 pts. Presentation)


Through this two-part assignment, students first produce a visually appealing two-page paper that is screened for accuracy by the instructor; then the paper is disseminated through a creative platform using a media component (original game or interactive activity).  The collected HOT Sheets become part of the student’s ‘trunk’ (reference set or quick guide) to assist them within their clinical experiences.

The HOT Sheet assignment was developed by Maryville University Occupational Therapy Professor, Robyn Otty, as a creative opportunity for students to become resident ‘experts’ on a given topic. In this example, the topic is an actual diagnosis or condition. With the launch of this assignment, the instructors can gauge the level of preparation and understanding of the topic through the application of the given rubric highlighting ‘creativity’ and ‘originality’. Furthermore, the students clearly “do the work-do the learning” as they prepare for both pieces of the HOT Sheet Assignment.

The expectation of the HOT Sheet moves beyond content as the two-page space limitation requires the student to make continual decisions of what is deemed important to their peers using both pictures and referenced published literature. The presentation portion also relates the creative expectation of ‘teaching to the senses’ for greater application of shared content for later retrieval and with the given 5-10 minutes limitation, they must also decide how to best convey information in a short amount of time –similar to professional poster presentation context.

The Assignment

Select a specific diagnosis of personal interest to research and produce a quick reference guide or HOT Sheet.  This HOT sheet will allow you to share evidence-based interventions with your peers and serve as a useful quick reference tool during Level II Fieldwork experiences.  The HOT sheet must follow the below template and include the titles in capital letters for consistency and ease of review.   Limit: (1) two-sided sheet (including references). This assignment will be submitted via Turn-It-In (anti-plagiarism software) via Dropbox in an LMS using either Word doc or PDF formats only. Review the associated rubric for additional details.

Template of HOT Sheethotsheet


Using the HOT sheet as a guide, you will develop a brief 5-10 minutes long station (similar to rotation stations in lab) that will include an interactive teaching component to optimize peer engagement using visual media.  The choice of visual media: (poster, game, etc.) is your choice; however, the media choice must be representative of creative thought and effort.  If any props are required to be used, it is your responsibility to secure prearranged check out with the instructor minimum of 1 week prior to the presentation date. Please review the rubric for details.

HOT Sheet Grading Rubric




Student Name: ______________________________________
Topic: ________________________________________________

Presentation Grading Rubric