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Meet Arin

on February 10, 2017 by admin

Hometown: Centennial, Colorado

High School: Smoky Hill High School

Major: Elementary Education

Graduation Year: 2018

I discovered Maryville University during my Junior year of high school while at a college fair. I was familiar with St. Louis from traveling to NFTY Chavurot and had friends who lived in the area, so I applied. When I accepted the offer of admission, I began to learn all about the absolutely amazing education program – and I discovered our Hillel. I fell in love with this group of people and the idea behind Hillel and have been a part of it ever since. Having a Jewish community was so important to me coming into college, and it has remained a huge part of my experience at Maryville. Currently, I serve as the President of Maryville’s Hillel. I am also a leader in RHA (Residence Hall Association), and participated in Maryville’s Disney Leadership experience – an opportunity I highly recommend!

I absolutely love getting together a few times a week to chat about Jewish topics and related issues going on in the world. My favorite part of being in Hillel is the new initiative we started this year, Challah for Hunger. Once a month, we get together in the Dining Hall to braid tons and tons of loaves of challah. The following day, we sell the loaves on campus, raising the money for the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry. The idea that I can have a great time, meet and get to know others better, and do something good makes this program so meaningful to me.

Advice I Would Give to a High School Senior:

  1. Follow your heart. Choose the school that will make you the most happy and well-rounded student as possible.
  2. Get involved right away. The more involved you become the more people you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with. Those connections will carry you through to graduation and help you immensely in the future.
  3. It’s okay to not have a major going into college. Don’t stress about not knowing the future, you have some time to figure things out.
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