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Meet Josh

on February 10, 2017 by admin

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Hometown: Davis, California

High School: Davis Senior High School

Major: Rawlings Sport Business Management and Finance

Graduation Year: 2020

When I started thinking about college, my goal was to look for a school with an emphasis on business. But I have always have had a huge passion for sports, in specific: baseball. I wanted a school that was big enough that I could meet new people every day, but a small enough school of where I could have a sense of home. My college advisor came up with a list of schools that fit my criteria and one of the universities on the list was Maryville. When I learned more about the Rawlings Sport Business Management program and the campus environment, I completely fell in love. My mom and I visited and I participated in the Saint for a Day program. I got to learn more about involvement on campus and the Jewish community, and I committed to coming to Maryville. I have been involved in Hillel since the day I stepped foot on campus. I enjoy having friends that I already know that have a similar background to me. I also got a once in a lifetime chance to meet and watch Ehud Barak (former Prime Minister of Israel) talk not only on Maryville’s campus, and also when he spoke at Powell Hall in downtown St. Louis. Being at Maryville, I have discovered both incredible opportunities and the exact sense of community I wanted.

Advice I Would Give to a High School Senior:

Always visit the college before you commit. Trust me, it seems logical, but people sometimes don’t visit and end up hating the campus.

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