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Meet Randi

on February 3, 2017 by admin

Hometown: Superior, Colorado

High School: Monarch High School

Major: Nursing

Graduating Year: 2020

I first found out about Maryville in when I heard that one of my friends was coming here. Shortly after, I found out about the Nursing program. I was very excited that it was a direct admit program because none of the programs in Colorado were like that. Then, I found out that Maryville had a Hillel, which made me super excited seeing as the other two schools that I were seriously considering were Jesuit. On top of having a Hillel, there is also a solid Jewish community in the area, with several Congregations close to school. As someone who was part of the Missouri Valley region in NFTY, I was already familiar with the Jewish community, so it has been nice coming here and getting to be more involved.

I love being at Maryville. Everyone here is so nice and it is a very welcoming environment. I love how beautiful the campus is and that it is small so I don’t feel overwhelmed and Hillel has been great. My favorite part is when we bake challah once a month and then sell it in the Dining Hall for Challah for Hunger.

Advice I Would Give to a High School Senior:

My advice for incoming freshman would be to enjoy your senior year! You only get one, so make it count. Spend as much time as you can with your friends from school because you’re all going on crazy, separate adventures soon. And make sure you can keep in touch with them once you all leave for different schools across the country. One last thing- eat at home a lot this summer. You will actually miss your parents’ cooking!

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