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Saints Rewards: Part 3 – Progress

on December 14, 2012 by

This is part three of a series about the process of what we do as the Interactive Media Group. In case you missed the others, you can find them here:

Database Schema Additions

Well, after getting into this, I’ve added a couple more tables to the database: Admin and Timeframes. Admin table is strictly meant for giving access only to those people that need it. Timeframes table is meant to setup different time periods for the Saints Rewards program to take place. It contains a start date and end date for when this “timeframe” of the Saints Rewards program runs. This will be useful for reporting as well as allowing us to reset the leader board as we see fit.

How’s It Look?

I took the time to develop a new master page using Twitter Bootstrap. Here are a couple of  screenshots to show off the work so far.

What’s Left?

I have a meeting on Monday to discuss the direction it’s moving with the people that requested the project. I still need to setup some sort of email notification when someone hits a new level (or rank) in the system; I’m not too sure how it’s going to be used, or if it’s going to be used. I also need to come up with some useful reports for them to pull data from. After that, it should be case closed!

Last, But Not Least

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