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February Link Roundup

on February 28, 2013 by

Every month, we as a group, encounter tons of cool stuff on the web. This link roundup is just the tip of the iceberg for some of the cool stuff we’ve seen in February.


Submitted by: Kate
This is a 3d printer search engine. Get your 3d model printed by a person or print shop near you. Don’t have a model? You can make something easily on or just buy a 3d printer pen and make creations in mid-air:

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator
Submitted by: Kate
Discover the perfect typography for your website.

The difference between good theft and bad theft when it comes to creativity
Submitted by: Adam

3 Paths Towards a More creative life
Submitted by: Adam

Increasing Effectiveness starts in the morning
Submitted by: Adam

Photoshop CS6 Creative Cloud Update December 2012 – What’s New?
Submitted by: Katrina
Check out some of the cool new features of Photoshop CS6.

How to Become a Prolific Writer
Submitted by: Michael
An interesting, if atypical path to making lots and lots of words.

Submitted by: Eric
A site dedicated to growing computer programming education.

jQuery Learning Center
Submitted by: Eric
Tutorials for getting started with jQuery (usage and development).

Web Essentials Visual Studio extension
Submitted by: Eric
A tool to help web developers get more modern functionality/support in Visual Studio (i.e. Sass, Less, Coffeescript, etc).

16 Ridiculously Impress CSS3 & HTML5 Experiments
Submitted by: Eric
Some cool experiments with the latest web technologies.

Misc Web Stuff

40+ WordPress keyboard shortcuts you should know
Submitted by: Eric
Keyboard shortcuts while working in the text editor. This includes the basics of bold, italics, underline, along with others I had no idea about: h1-h6 tags, alignment, unordered and ordered lists, etc.

Firefox OS
Submitted by: Eric
A cool take on the mobile OS from Mozilla. Applications for the OS are made with HTML and Javascript.

Submitted by: Eric
A really cool service that picks up your snail mail from your house and digital scans it and makes it available online for you. They will also deliver things that you need delivered.

Can I Stream It
Submitted by: Eric
A service to find tv shows and movies online.

Model Mothers
Submitted by: Michael
A stunning photography gallery of portraits capturing female models with their mothers, this is remarkable photography and presentation.


Submitted by: Kate
A kickstarter type site for funding scientific research.

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