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March Link List

on April 2, 2013 by

Here are a few of the best things our team has found this month:

Style Tiles
Submitted by: Kate
A communication helper for web designers

Not Just Pretty: Building Emotion Into Your Websites
Submitted by: Kate
Thoughts on implementing emotion in web design

Subtle Patterns
Submitted by: Kate
A great resource for designers look for subtle patterns too use in their design

Complete List of Web Accessibility Tools
Submitted by: Eric

Tiny Tiny RSS
Submitted by: Eric
Self-hosted RSS aggregator to replace Google Reader since it’s shutting down.

Submitted by: Eric
Symbol font that makes it easy to create a map of the US with HTML and CSS

Wealth Distribution Infographic
Submitted by: Michael
An incredible example of infographics at their best

Mr. Wolfdog
Submitted by: Michael
A brilliant new marketing campaign is born

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