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HTML Elements

Body Text

These are the default styles for any text on a web page. Font should be Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif. Default font size should be 12px.


Try to think of your web page as a document. Headings are useful for creating sections on a web page. When using headings, the h1 tag is typically used for the title of your page. That means that you can use h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 for the rest of the content on your page. Headings should follow the same order, you cannot skip from an h2 to an h4. You must go from h2 to h3.


Unordered lists and ordered lists are great for listing information. Try to keep bullet points brief.


Tables should not be used for layouts; they are to be used for data. Tables must have a table header (th).


Horizontal rules are great for dividing content and spacing out your page.


Labels for form fields should be displayed above the field. Labels should also be associated with their appropriate fields using the id attribute of the form field and the for attribute of the label.


View information about Images on the Images and Logos page.


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