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Maintaining Your F-1 Status

In order to qualify for the benefits related to your F-1 status and avoid the consequences that may result from the loss of your status, it is important to make sure that you do all of the following in a timely manner:

  1. Report to the school. For purposes of immigration regulations that means more than just show up on campus. You must check in with the Office of International Student Success, provide us with copies of your immigration documents, and complete certain forms. You will do this during your International Orientation.
  2. Attend the school that issued the certificate of eligibility (form I-20) that you used to obtain your visa and to enter the US. If you change your mind about the school you wish to attend after you enter the US, you must follow the procedures for transferring to another school.
  3. Enroll in a full course load every semester. If the summer term is your first or last term, you must also be enrolled for a full course load in the summer. Otherwise, you are not required to be enrolled in the summer.
  4. Make normal progress toward the completion of your program of study.
  5. Obtain a new form I-20 if any of the information on the form changes such as your major or degree level.
  6. Keep your passport valid for six months into the future. You may request a new passport while you are home during a break or from your embassy in the US while you are here.
  7. Report any change of address within 10 days of your move.
  8. Do not work without authorization.
  9. Leave the US within your 60-day grace period following the end of your program of study or do one of the following:
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