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Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

CPT is practical training that fulfills a curricular requirement of your program of study. If all students in your program are required to complete a practicum or if you are enrolled in a course that meets a degree requirement and the course itself includes a training requirement, International Student Success can add CPT to your form I-20. You can begin your training once the authorization has been added.

In order to request CPT authorization you will:

  1. Discuss with your academic advisor whether the training in which you wish to participate will fulfill a curricular requirement of your program of study
  2. Complete the CPT Request Form, ask your academic advisor to sign it, and submit the form to ISS
  3. Pick up your new form I-20 after ISS has determined that you are eligible for CPT, created your new form I-20, and notified you that it is ready.


You will need the following documents in order to complete your request:

  1. CPT Request Form
  2. An offer of employment/training from the company or organization where the CPT will occur on the organization’s letterhead and signed by your supervisor or the hiring manager. That letter should include:
    • The name of the company or organization
    • The date your training will begin and end
    • The number of hours you will work each week
    • The address where the training will occur
    • The title of the position you will fill
    • A brief description of the position or the work that you will do
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