D2L: Add a Twitter Feed to the Course Home Page

D2L has the ability to do some pretty amazing things. One example of a creative way you can add media to your course is by adding a Twitter feed to the course home page. Twitter Feed Start

Here is the process for adding a Twitter feed to your course home page !

There are two phases to this addition. First, you need to set up the widget to display the proper twitter feed. Second, you need to put the twitter feed on the course home page.

To set up the correct twitter feed on a widget:

1. From a course, select “Course Tools” in the upper right hand corner, then select “Widgets.”

Twitter Feed 1Twitter Feed 22. This will give you a list of available “Widgets” within the course. Locate the “Twitter Feed” widget, and make a copy of it. When you select the “copy” button, a dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm this action.

Twitter Feed 3Twitter Feed 43.  Once copied, a new widget will appear in the list called “Twitter Feed-Copy.” Locate this widget and choose the “Edit” (Pencil Icon) button.

Twitter Feed 54. This will take you to the “Edit Widget” page. Select the “Content.” tab. Also, feel free to change the name of the widget to something more appropriate than “Twitter Feed-Copy.”

Twitter Feed 65. From the “Content” tab, select to edit the “HTML” code for this widget. The “HTML Source Code Editor” will appear. Locate the Twitter username. It will follow the code “setUser (“Twitter Username”).start ();

Twitter Feed 7Twitter Feed 85. Replace this username (‘csamgo87’) with the username for the twitter feed you are going to use. This is typically located on the Twitter page, OR you can use whatever comes after “Twitter.com/_______”

The example below is the Twitter account for the Wall Street Journal. The Twitter username is “WSJ.” You can locate that in two locations (see below).

When finished, select “update” on the HTML editor (bottom left hand corner).

Twitter Feed 9Twitter Feed 10Twitter Feed 10
6. This will take you back out to the “Edit Widget” page. Go ahead and “Save and Close.” This will take you to the list of Widgets. You can preview the widget. If satisfied, select “Course Tools” again.

Twitter Feed 11Twitter Feed 12

To add this Twitter Feed widget to the course home page.

1. From “Course Tools,” select “Homepages.”

Twitter Feed 132. Locate the “active” homepage. Then choose the down arrow to the right of its name and “Copy” it. Twitter Feed 14Twitter Feed 153. This will produce a copy of the active home page called “Course Default-Copy.” This copied home page will be highlighted blue, select the name of this home page to edit it. Twitter Feed 164. This will take you to the “Edit Homepage” page. You can rearrange the default widgets as you see fit. To add the Twitter Feed widget, select “Add Widgets.” This will bring up a list of available widgets. Locate “Twitter Feed-Copy” OR whatever you renamed the widget to, and choose “Add”

Twitter Feed 17Twitter Feed 185. The Twitter Feed will be added to the homepage template. Select “Save & Close.” This will bring you back out to the list of Homepages.

Twitter Feed 196. The last step is to use the drop down on this page to set your new homepage as the “Active Homepage” for your course. After you select your homepage, choose “Apply.”

Twitter Feed 20Twitter Feed 217. Now you can go to your Course Home page and admire the new Twitter Feed !

Twitter Feed 22Twitter Feed 23