Turnitin Webinars: On Demand

I received an email the other day about upcoming (free) webcasts being put on by the company Turnitin. All of the webcasts focus on plagiarism and the tools that turnitin provides (anti-plagiarism). These may be useful for faculty. Also, note that I’ve listed a link below to their previously recorded webcasts.

Future webcasts (click the link to sign up).

How Instructors Respond to Plagiarism: Survey Findings
A review of the findings from an instructor survey conducted and compiled by Turnitin.

Responding to Student Plagiarism as an Educational Opportunity
Explore a heuristic of questions for analyzing any case of student plagiarism to determine what the consequences should be.

Literacy is Fundamental: Leveraging Critical Reading to Improve Student Writing
Sharing strategies for engaging students in reading critically towards improving their research and writing skills.

Ghostbusting: Getting the Ghostwriter Out of Your Class
Approaches for identifying ghostwritten work and discouraging students from using custom essay writing services.

Getting to the (Power)Point:  Addressing Plagiarism in Student Presentations
Strategies for enhancing student understanding of proper citation and attribution when using media in presentations and projects.

Webcasts On Demand

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