Canvas: A Review of 2013 & Look at 2014

I was catching up on reading the Canvas Blog today, and stumbled across a few interesting things.

A look back at what Canvas accomplished in 2013.

  • 278 new Canvas customers (we now have over 600)
  • 10 million people use Canvas as their LMS
  • 141 new Instructure employees (we now have over 300)
  • 25 new official partners
  • $30 million in funding
  • 94% customer support satisfaction
  • 99.95% up-time for the year

I”m a big numbers person, and these are impressive ! Also, they are much higher than some of the numbers I’ve been discussing in my training sessions, so this shows that 2013 was a year of tremendous growth for Canvas.

In addition, Canvas has posted the results to their 2013 security audit. Basically, Canvas hires a company to perform tasks on the system to try and reveal any security flaws. The report came back with only 4 issues. None were critical.

If you wish to review this, please use the following link.

link: Canvas 2013 Security Audit

A look a head to 2014.

For any who are interested, Canvas has created a “road map” website called “Canvas Studio.” If you are interested in what Canvas has planned (features, improvements…etc), this is a great source for this material. Since Canvas is updated approx. every three weeks, this is a great way to keep up with what is new to the system. On this page, it has a list of “In progress” projects, with details about what is being done AND a list of “completed projects,” with documentation and notes about has been done.

As always, ILP will keep the faculty/staff updated with any pertinent changes.