Canvas: Long Running V. Time Limit Conferences

One thing I’ve been looking at lately is the difference between “Long Running” and “Time Restricted” conferences in Canvas.

First, A review of the “Conferences” tool:

Part of setting up a Conference is choosing either “Time Limit” or “No Time Limit” (see below).

Conferences Conferences 2New Conference Time Limit v Long Running

If you read the Canvas documentation they say that a “Long Running Conference” is a conference that you use more than once. One example would be “office hours.” The idea is that you can set up one “Conference Room,” and then just reuse it over and over again without having to re-set the “conference” up.

However, it doesn’t appear to work this way. After some testing, these different “Conference” types seem to work the exact same way. SO, if you want to use “Conferences” you will need to set a new one up for each session.

I will be sure to do another post if I determine that this has been fixed OR if I’m wrong in my initial assessment.