How to Insert MediaCore Videos into a Canvas Course

How to Insert MediaCore Videos into a Canvas Course

1. From the “Courses” drop-down menu, choose the course you would like to upload video into.

MediaCore 12. From the course navigation bar, select “Modules.” You will either need to add these videos into an existing module OR create a new one.

MediaCore 23. From the chosen module, select the “+” button, and then choose to add a “Content Page.” Once you choose “Content Page,” choose “New Page” in the space below, give it a name, and choose “Add Item.”

MediaCore 3MediaCore 44. This will add the item to the module. You will need to edit this “content page,” by selecting its name. This will take you to the “Content Page.” From this page select “Edit.”

MediaCore 5MediaCore 6

5. While editing, locate the “V” dropdown on the “Rich Content Editor.” Select “MediaCore.” A dialogue box will pop up. Use the list on the left side to locate a specific folder. Use the “+ Add” button to add the video into the “Content Page.”

MediaCore 7

****Note: To upload a video into MediaCore, see the “Upload button in the image below. The process after selecting “Upload” is fairly simple.

MediaCore 8

6.Once added, you can add additional videos (using the above method) OR use the rich content edit to add images, text, and audio….etc. Select “Save” when finished.

MediaCore 9