Canvas: Emailing Multiple Courses at Once

One question I received quite a few times during training was “how do I email my students.”: Well, In Canvas you email students via “Conversations,” which you can access by selecting “inbox” on the Global Navigation bar.

Now, Conversations will be changing soon (see my previous post for details). It turns out that I lied a bit in that previous post when I said that this change was purely “aesthetic.” I’ve just learned that there is at least one big functional difference between “Old” and “New” conversations.

You CANNOT email multiple courses at once in the “New” conversations.

In the old version of conversations (below), you had the ability to email multiple users/courses at one time.

Old Conversations

However, in the “New” conversations, you can only email one course at a time (see below).

New ConversationsI’ve submitted a feature request to have this function added to the new conversations.