Canvas: Two Full Weeks

We went live with Canvas for the entire university on May 5th for summer courses. D2L has officially been retired. While there were a few bumps last week, this has been a relatively smooth process. Now, we are officially at the end of the second full week, and things are running pretty smoothly. Let’s take at some statistics for Canvas over the past two weeks.

Canvas Stats: Usage #’s

  • Pageviews (how many different clicks have occurred in the system): 862, 831, over 1M since we brought Canvas on in November 2013.
  • Sessions (Unique log in’s): 66,265
  • Pages per session: 13.02
  • Avg. Session Duration: 12:25
  • Most popular browser: Chrome (30.32%)
  • Most popular operating system: Windows (64.3%)
  • Most popular mobile device: iOS (79.28%)
  • Most are accessing Canvas via the Maryville Portal (61.46%) OR by going directly to Canvas (25.4%)

Canvas Stats: What are users doing in Canvas for Summer 2014

  • 638 courses (summer 1 & summer terms—-not summer 2)
    • Assignments created: 9, 215
    • Files uploaded: 22,407
    • Discussion topics: 4,729

It’s been a lot of work over the past few months, but it’s great to see this in action and take a look at the numbers.