Canvas Collaborations

Canvas uses Google Docs to allow multiple users (up to 50!) to work together on the same document, at the same time. Collaborative documents are saved in real-time, so any changes made by its users will be immediately visible to everyone. Collaborations using Google Docs require all participants to create and link a Google account to their Canvas account.

Linking a Google Account

1. Log in to Canvas.
2. Click Account.
3. Click Settings.
4. Click Google Drive from the Other Services list.

5. Click Authorize Google Drive Access.
6. Sign in with your Google account.
7. Click Allow.
8. A confirmation message appears.
9. Google Drive appears in your Web Services list.

Setting up a Collaboration

1. Log in to Canvas, and then click a course.
2. Click Collaborations from the left-hand navigation menu.
3. Type a Document name, Description.
4. Choose the people or groups to Collaborate With, and then click Start Collaborating.
5. The new document appears. If you want to create a document for a specific group, create it within the group.

Collaborating Ideas

Here are a few ideas for incorporating Canvas Collaborations into your course.

  • Share lists or agendas for upcoming class meetings.
  • Create a text-based whiteboard discussion that everyone can add to at their own pace.
  • Assign student groups a collaborative assignment. Ask them to submit the URL to the document for a grade.

Contact LDT with questions about Canvas.