How To: Adding More than One Question per Page to a Qualtrics Report

In order to have more than one question appear on a page of Qualtrics report, you must create a custom page. This is a change from the old user interface. This post details how to create a custom page.

1. Click a survey to access.
2. Click the Reports tab.
3. Click + Create, which is next to Custom Pages.
4. Type a name for your custom page. The first question of the survey will appear by default.
5. Select the checkbox under Title in the right-hand menu. This causes the question text to appear on your page and in the report.
6. Click + Add Visualization.
7. Select the next question from the Data Source list.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each additional question.
9. Make any changes to the visualization and display options.
10. Select Export Report from the Report Options list, when finished.

Review the following websites for help using Qualtrics. Or, please contact LDT with questions or for assistance.