Kaltura Video Platform to Replace MediaCore

Our media streaming server provider, MediaCore, has been purchased by another company. As a result, MediaCore will be shutting down this summer. To prepare for this, we’ve partnered with another provider, Kaltura Video Platform. Kaltura will allow faculty, staff, and students to easily store existing multimedia projects AND create high-quality multimedia projects. With Kaltura, you can record audio/video, record screencasts, and create lecture captures using PowerPoints. Kaltura works on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. A Kaltura iPad app will also be available for use.

Faculty can use Kaltura to create lecture capture videos, conduce voice-over PowerPoint presentations, and record in-class demonstrations. Students can use Kaltura to record multimedia projects for assessment. Everything created in Kaltura can easily be embedded in Canvas. Embedding recordings into Canvas is ideal because Canvas, like other learning management systems, isn’t built to host media.

Some important information you need to know about the switch:

When will this transition occur?

Media Core will be turned off in Canvas for the 16SU/16SU1 term (early May). Kaltura will be integrated and used in its place.

What happens to all the items I’ve stored in MediaCore?

LDT moved all your items (audio, video, etc.) into Kaltura. We assigned those artifacts to you, so when you access Kaltura through Canvas, all your items will be accessible to you.

What will I need to do to make my artifacts visible to students?

LDT moved all the content for you, but we only relinked the videos in our online courses. If you have MediaCore videos embedded on pages in your on-ground courses, you will delete the old MediaCore videos and relink to your vides in Kaltura. This is a very easy process, and should only take a few seconds per video.

How can I learn how to use Kaltura?

View this recorded webinar for an overview of Kaltura. Or, please contact LDT to schedule a one-on-one consultation.