Turnitin File Type and Size Requirements

If you’re enabling Turnitin on an assignment, it will be helpful to know its file size and type requirements.

File Size

If your assignment allows any file type, the following sizes will be accepted by Turnitin in order to generate an Originality Report.

  • Less than 40mb.
  • Has a minimum of 25 words.
  • Is less than 400 pages in length.

File Type

The following files types will be accepted by Turnitin in order to generate an Originality Report.

  • Microsoft Word documents (.doc / .docx)
  • Adobe PDFs (.pdf) – PDF image files, fillable forms, files that don’t contain highlightable text (i.e., scanned file), or files created with software other than Adobe Acrobat are not accepted.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx, .ppsx, .pps) – Turnitin will convert a PowerPoint file into a static PDF, leaving all text and images in their original format. Features such as presenter notes, embedded video, and animations will not be visible. In addition, any visual effects (i.e., shadows and 3D) should be removed prior to submitting the file.
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls / .xlsx)
  • HTML files
  • Rich Text Format files (.rtf)
  • Plain Text files (.txt)
  • Google Docs from Google Drive – Third-party cookies must be allowed by your Internet browser; otherwise, Google sign-in attempts will fail.
  • OpenOffice Text documents (.odt)
  • WordPerfect files (.wpd)
  • PostScript files (.ps / .eps)
  • Hangul Word Processor files (.hwp)

The following file types are not acceptable and will not generate an Originality Report from Turntiin.

  • Password protected files
  • Microsoft Works files (.wps)
  • Microsoft Word 2007 macro-enabled files (.docm)
  • OpenOffice text files created and downloaded from Google Docs (.odt)
  • Documents created using OpenOffice (.doc) – These documents are not 100% Microsoft Word equivalent.
  • Apple Pages
  • Spreadsheets created outside Microsoft Excel (e.g., .ods)
  • Text with visual effects

If your student must convert a file to a new file format (extension), he / she should rename the file with a name other than that of the original file. This helps prevent loss of the original formatting or image content of a file.

Please contact us if you have any questions about enabling Turnitin on an assignment.