New Canvas Commons Content

New content was recently added to Canvas Commons and is available for you to use in your courses. Or, access the content for your own reference.

Topics include:

  • Canvas
  • Digital World
  • Grammarly
  • Kaltura
  • Qualtrics
  • VoiceThread

To access Canvas Commons content

1. Log in to Canvas.
2. Click Commons from the left-hand navigation menu.
3. In the search text box, search for Maryville University. Using the keywords Maryville University will help you find content shared by Maryville faculty and staff. You can also search for a user’s name, tag, etc.
4. Click the content you want to import into your course.
5. Choose (or search for) your course(s) from the Import into Canvas list, and then click Import into Course.
6. Once the import is finished, the module will appear in your course(s). When content you’ve imported is updated, you’ll be notified upon access of Canvas Commons by a notification in the Updates tab.

What is Canvas Commons?

Canvas Commons is a learning object repository that provides you with access to resources you can import into your course or share with other instructors.

Commons Resources

Please contact us with questions about Canvas Commons.